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   List of Usthavams  

Tamil Month

 Name of Usthavam

Chitrai ( April-May)

 Bhashyakar Avathara  Usthavam for - 10 days
Chitrai ( April-May) Adhi Keshava Perumal's Usthavam for 10 days
Vaikasi ( May - June) Adhi Keshava Perumal's Vasantha Usthavam
Aani ( June - July ) JeshtAbhishekam
Aadi July - August) Andal Usthavam
Avani ( August - September) Perumal's Pavithra Usthavam)
  Navarathri Usthavam
Aipasi Manavala Mamunigal - 10 days Usthavam
Dhannur Dhannur Masa Usthavam
Thai Koorath Alwar Usthavam
Panguni Rama Navami

   List of Sevas

List of Seva Amount

Regular Archania

Kalasarpa Dosham Archania Rs.10-00
Anjaneyar Thirumanjanam Rs.450-00
Anjaneyar Vadmalai Rs.150-00
Thiruvadurai Thirumanjanam (Abhishekam) Only theertham Prasadam Rs.100-00
Thiruvadurai Thirumanjanam ( Abhishekam) With Theertham and Thaligai Prasadam Rs.500-00
Ksheera ( Milk) Abhishekam general Rs.20-00
Ghee Lamp Rs.2-00



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