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Udayavar and Uniqueness of Sriperumpudur

Ananthah Prathamam Roopam, Threthaya Lakshmanascha Tathah |
Dwapare Balabadrascha, Kalou Kaschit Bhavishyathi ||

The meaning of the Sloka is

In Krutha Yuga (First) it is Adhi Seshan (The Snake bed of Lord Maha Vishnu) In Thretha Yuga it was Lakshmana (Brother of Lord Sri Ramachandra), In Dwapara Yuga it is Balarama (Brother of Sri Krishna) and in Kali Yuga it is Ramanuja the Adhi Seshan Avathara in the form of human. (This was  explained to me by the Mudal Thirthakarar of Sriperumpudur  and I have the same in my digital format( MP3 format ) .

In the year Then in year CE 1017 On a Thursday, in the Tamil Month of Chitrai, Sukla Paksha panchami, in the constellation of Aridra (Thiruvadurai)   Asuri Keshavachar and Kandhimathi were blessed with this Child. He found he Philosophy known as Vishistadwaita, He brought in lot of Social reforms in those days itself. He was given the title of Bhashyakar , Emperumanar , Elayai Alwan, Yathirajar, Udayavar etc.

He toured the length and breadth of Bhartha Desha to preach the  Vishistadwaita. Then Just before living the mortal coil and going to Vaikunta, His Disciples Mudhaliandan's Son Kanthadai Andan got a Archa Vigraham of Ramanuja and presented before him, then hugged the Moorthy and transferred all his power to it, then Udayavar instructed to the Prathistai of this Vigraham  on Tamil Month Thai on Constellation of Pushya Star at Sriperumpudur, This Vigraham is what we see in Sriperumpudur and it is known as Than Uganda Thirumeni. ( Some related things are there in Srirangam website also please read ) .

The Specialty of this Temple and Vigraham is  Eravadai Theertham . Do you known what it is ? Here they do Thirumanjanam to Lord Ramanuja daily then after the Thirumanjanam the cloth which Lord is wearing is squeezed and and collected in Vatil and given as Prasadam to Bhakathas, it it said it capable of curing Skin diseases, Beget progeny for Issueless couples , and also cures many other ailments like cancer etc (Some article has been published  in KUMUDAM  JOTHIDAM and it is written by its Editor Sri A M Rajagopalan , who is also the Asthana Jothidar of Ahobila Mutt) . The daily prasadam to Bhakathas is Thirumanjanam Theertham.  If you take bath in Ananthah Sarasu you will get rid of Rahu Kethu Dosham , Also you can light Ghee lamp. Every Thiruvadurai Star people come in large number and witness the Milk Thirumanjanam get the blessings of Udayavar.

Please visit this Kshetram and get Udayavars blessings.

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